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  • Alexis Monville

    Alexis Monville

    Building high impact sustainable open source organization

  • dealWIP


    dealWIP Inc. is a software solutions company offering the world’s premier cloud-based workflow software platform for transactional lawyers and their clients.

  • Yoovo Design

    Yoovo Design

    The next socially conscious design agency.

  • Andrew Oved

    Andrew Oved

    Founder & Managing Partner @ReformationVC. Previously @FirstMarkCap. @StanfordGSB. 🏀

  • Julia Thibaud

    Julia Thibaud

    Real New Yorker/falsa porteña. Lover of words. Collaborator.

  • Erica Lynn Young

    Erica Lynn Young

    Marketing Director. Social Media Strategist. Into tech & fashion. Thinking randomly and executing strategically.

  • Kristina Dimitrova

    Kristina Dimitrova

    Marketing, Events & Ad Girl | Journalist/Blogger | Often in front of the camera | Founder @weareinterlaced | Interested in Fashion, Tech & Future Trends

  • Emily Hancock

    Emily Hancock

    Product Management | Venture Capital Currently living between NY, SF, and Shanghai

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