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It seems like every founder these days has a Chief of Staff, but do you need one? Is this the right time to hire one? And how do you find a good one, anyway? These aren’t easy questions.

A Chief of Staff could be your best hire ever, giving you huge leverage on your time and the extra set of hands that you’ve been wishing for as a founder/CEO. …

TLDR: I’m launching the Chief of Staff Network.

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For most of my career I’ve been a generalist, cutting my teeth working at early and growth stage companies on everything from strategy to BD & ops to product & marketing. Looking back, my path was mostly intentional even if at times it didn’t feel so.

I’ve pursued my career with three guiding principles:

1.) Keeping the door open to new things leads to the greatest challenges and learning experiences.

2.) If you don’t actively decide what’s important to you…

If you’re an existing (or former) Chief of Staff or just interested in the role sign up on our site!

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More than ever, our companies (and the world) need highly organized generalists to help navigate increasingly complex challenges. With coronavirus still ravaging our communities, the effects of climate change impacting more and more lives around the globe, and even our democratic institutions under threat, these challenges directly or indirectly affect our livelihoods, our families, and our companies.

Over the past decade we’ve seen…

Last year we surveyed the Chief of Staff Network to better understand the fair market value of a CoS across the tech industry. The 2019 survey analysis can be found here. The CoS role can be tricky to negotiate salaries, equity, and other benefits given the wide variety of definitions it assumes among small and large companies and various degrees of experience. As Dan Ciampa noted in his HBR article The Case for a Chief of Staff, despite having the same title there are vastly different levels reflecting a Chief of Staff’s responsibilities and engagement with the executive team. …

Our updated 2020 survey results are now available here.

CoS Compensation Data

The Chief of Staff has become an important position for high growth startups and enterprises of all sizes. The role notably takes many different forms depending on the business/executive and draws candidates from all backgrounds and professional experiences. In the CoS Tech Network, we’ve seen dozens of VC-backed companies hire their first Chief of Staff within the past 12 months. Having compensation data to support a competitive offer is important for prospective candidates setting out to find a CoS position and executives seeking to hire a CoS.

We shared a very…

Allons! whoever you are come travel with me! Traveling with me you find what never tires.

— Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road

Photo by Anna-Laura Kummer

Profile update.

I’ve sat on the question of what a profile update might look like on LinkedIn for weeks now.

Having left my role at Spring in October following its acquisition, I’m traveling with no career step planned and no real return date in mind.

LinkedIn doesn’t offer any sort of category describing a purposeful break from work. …

What comes after? (Part 1)

Part 1 of this essay seeks to unravel some of the challenges Chiefs of Staff face in navigating towards the next position inside their existing companies, within new businesses or as founders themselves.

As Chief of Staff roles have sprung up across tech and media companies, one burning question that every CoS finds themselves asking, almost from Day 1, is “what comes next”? Aside from the vast differences in responsibilities and scope within companies, Chiefs of Staff also come from a range of backgrounds. The rapidly changing tasks and challenges in a business or team has an impact on the…

The Chief of Staff role has transcended beyond the political landscape into the tech, media and venture capital world. In the past few years alone the position has proliferated among young startups and their larger private (and public) counterparts alike. The CoS has become a sort of right of passage for young strategically minded generalists ready to cut their teeth building and growing companies alongside their CEOs and executive teams. Whether you’re looking to become a CoS in a new company or trying to create the role in your current organization, the position remains rather elusive.

How does one actually…

To most developers, folks in the technology space or frankly anyone remotely aware of Facebook’s operating model & need to collect user data to make it work, the Cambridge Analytica data leak should come as little surprise. Facebook has always played loose with users’ data, often without their consent. It’s noted in the company’s evolving mission statements and countless declarations from Zuckerberg himself open open networks.

In 2010, I along with two other NYU classmates, penned a paper about the growing distrust of facebook’s 500 million active users when it came to the collection and usage of their personal data…

College didn’t teach me what matters most.

Why do companies fail?

Market timing and dynamics, poor strategic decisions, wrong product, focus on features over customer problems, bad hiring, failure to execute, [money]. The list of issues that compound towards a business’ demise goes on and on.

They all have one thing in common.

They each are a result of a team building “on” the business;

  • Building/launching products
  • Executing marketing campaigns
  • Selling to and retaining customers
  • Building great customer service
  • Analyzing data

These are tangible, malleable practices found in some form across every company. …

Scott Amenta

founder of Chief of Staff Network, founder of Propel, former CoS at Spring, producer @WatchRoomMovie

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